Budget to travel to Buenos Aires


Following a conversation I had with Javi the idea of ​​breaking down a section into Viajablog where they all appeared travel budgets to the destinations we have traveled. I think it is a very important fact for every traveler and a new section with this information could not be missing in Viajablog. In fact, many data related to the budget already appear on the blog but are scattered by almost 2,000 entries and it is not easy to read.

Transportation in Buenos Aires
The prices of urban transport in Buenos Aires - railways, bus (bus) and subway (subway) - are subsidized and ridiculous; They are around 1 peso or 1.25 pesos depending on the route. The network is immense and almost impossible to know which bus goes where. The trick is to approach a kiosk and buy the T guide: a pocket guide with a map of Buenos Aires with all the lines.

I just passed by Carrefour and I took the opportunity to point out some battle food prices. They are the lowest prices in their category. From there upwards they can cost a lot more depending on brands. In some cases the range appears directly:

- 1kg plum: $ 7.90
- 1kg peach (peach): $ 8.90
- 2L water: $ 2.15
- Coca-cola: 0.6L $ 3.59 // 2L $ 4.39
- Pasta Barilla 500gr brand: $ 10.29 to $ 14.89
- Carrefour 500gr brand pasta: $ 4
- Rice 1Kg: $ 4.49
- Canned tuna 170gr: $ 5.29 to $ 9
- Sunflower oil 1L: $ 5.50
- Olive Oil 1L: $ 30 to $ 60
- Bread mold: $ 5.50
- Sliced ​​York ham 275gr: $ 14.60
- Minced beef 500gr: $ 10
- 1/2 dozen eggs: $ 2 to $ 4.50
- Frozen Pizza: $ 12 to $ 23
- Milk 1L: $ 3.25 to $ 4.40
- Stella Artois 1L glass beer: $ 5.50
- Quilmes glass beer 1L: $ 3.50
- Corona beer, pack 6x33cc: $ 29.39
- Warsteiner 33cc can beer: $ 3.79
- 1 bottle red wine: from $ 9. Average price: $ 30
- 1 Ron Pampero: $ 45
- 1 Stolichnaya Vodka: $ 70
- 1 Burnett's Vodka: $ 14.29

The offer of rentals in Buenos Aires is huge and a rising option in recent years for those who want to learn the language, take tango classes or simply experience life on this side of the world. From the historic neighborhood of San Telmo, the young Palermo or the sophisticated Recoleta, it is possible to find a wide variety of offers in apartments and houses.

A one-bedroom apartment is around US $ 900, the two bedrooms, are between 1200 and 1400 dollars per month and three bedrooms from 1800 to 2400. This varies according to the neighborhood and the extra comforts of the building, but in almost all cases the apartments are comfortably furnished, have internet, cable television, and cleaning service once a week. In Buenos Aires, for the most part, prices do not vary by season (as elsewhere in the world)

As a last point, a Marlboro costs 5.20 pesos - roughly the equivalent of one euro.