Budget to travel to New Zealand


Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand

Conversion from local currency to Euros.

Conversion from local currency to euros 1.71 New Zealand Dollars (NZD) = 1 Euro

You can change currency at any authorized bank or simply withdraw money from ATMs if you have a VISA, MasterCard or Maestro card, among others.

Travel budget to New Zealand with basic examples

3 week insurance65 euros
International flight from Spain1500 euros
Domestic flight from Auckland to Christchurch50 euros
Accommodation: A double room in AucklandNZD 80
Lunch: Basic dinner for two in a pubNZD 57
Water: Price of a liter and a half bottleNZD 2-4
Urban transport:NZD 2-10
Intercity transport: Open bus from Picton to ChristchurchNZD 41-69
VisaIt is not necessary
Price of a beer imported in supermarket (pint)NZD 5
Tourist tickets: Auckland Sky Tour for two peopleNZD 55
Big macNZD 6
Travel budget for one weekNZD 1250

Although the cost of leisure is much higher than in Spain, basic expenses can be controlled and leave it at more than acceptable levels.

If you come from Southeast Asia, however, you will notice a great shock in your pocket. You will leave bargain prices behind.

Accommodation prices in New Zealand.

Here the thing depends on several factors.

In a country where nature and tranquility are the main protagonists, I advise you to enjoy both and sleep in tent -in permitted areas or campsites- or in your own vehicle parked next to a lake, mountain, glacier or numenoreano forest.

Sleeping on a camping plot can leave you for about 10-40 NZD per plot.

The option of the hostels is also very valid, especially in the cold Winter and to meet other travelers.

We were staying in several hostels. Here are some examples:

  • Youth Hostel International in Franz Josef: 25 NZD person and night with the membership card.
  • Youth Hostel International in Rotorua: NZD 23 per person per night with membership card.
  • Kiwi House in Christchurch: NZD 25 per night.
  • Youth Hostel International Auckland: NZD 25-30 per person per night with the membership card.

Of those mentioned, none included breakfast.

Currency exchange in New Zealand

On our last trip to a country where we had to change currency we used Bnext, a type of card with which you can take out money at any ATM and in all situations we find the best commission in the market, nailed to the visa officer and without commissions anywhere. A discovery that we will continue to use in future trips where we have to change currency as is the case in New Zealand.

You can get yours through this link and also you will enjoy a gift of 10 euros for your trips when you come from us.

Transportation prices in New Zealand