The 8 best places to see in Thailand


I have traveled twice to Thailand and, although we never know what the future may hold for you, I do not think I will return many more times.

Thailand has many pros, but also - and always from my point of view - many cons.

Between the Thailand advantages, I would point out its landscapes - jungles, islands, beaches, transparent water, underwater life -, the party, the people - but to a lesser extent than before - the prices and how easy it is to move around and look for things. It is a country with very good tourism infrastructure in terms of quality / price ratio and is totally oriented towards this business sector.

Between the disadvantages, I am left with the overcrowding, the feeling of place more than threshed, the endless party (the theme of the party becomes a double-edged sword, depending on your tastes), the loss of mysterious halo and cultural difference of the southeast Asian and lack of feeling of adventure.

Yes, It remains one of the main backpacking destinations - and, increasingly, not so backpacking - of the world and it is a good place to learn to get around traveling without anything reserved and without knowing where you will be the next day. It is a destination, so to speak, very easy.

If you have decided to buy a ticket to Bangkok and are willing to know the country of the Smiles (a marketing genius who brought this phrase), here I leave you some of the best places to see in Thailand (of the ones I know ... Eye!)


Temples in Bangkok, Thailand

Unless you access Thailand by land from one of its neighboring countries, it is normal for you to land in Bangkok.

Bangkok is a very lively city. I would say that he even sleeps less hours than New York. It is a true farrera.

Its streets live in a constant hustle and bustle. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles seem to congest the city 24 hours a day. Buddhist temples, palaces and other vestiges of old Bangkok are mixed with skyscrapers, parks, shopping centers, bars, discos and other icons of development and modernity.

It is quite impressive to leave pollution and noise to get into a Buddhist temple where a fly is not heard.

The floating market, the infinite party, the backpackers of Khao San Road, the taichi of Lumphini Park, the Royal Palace, etc.

It really is a city where I would love to live a few months to squeeze it to the fullest. A true cluster of sensations.

Where to stay in Bangkok

I will not say that the offer of accommodation in Bangkok offers from a room to a suite in the attic according to your budget, but it is so.

On my last trip to Bangkok, I stayed at the Mode Sathorn Hotel (144, Sathon Nuea Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok,). It is a modern 4 * hotel, with an excellent and varied - both western and Asian - breakfast buffet, spacious and comfortable rooms, an infinity pool with views on the terrace, located in the quiet area of ​​Silom-Sathorn and well connected by Metro and elevated train (BTS).

Koh Phi Phi

Maya Bay