Travel to Southeast Asia with Nacho: arrival in Bangkok


Finally it is time to leave. I get to know Southeast Asia for two months and also myself. Through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam I hope to travel and get to know the local culture, not go sightseeing. This is a different trip from others, it is a radical change of culture, type of visits, transport and people. The fact of traveling only adds some uncertainty and a halo of mysticism new to me.

Even without having a closed tour, I have developed a route, always subject to unforeseen variations that alter the plan. For 60 days I will travel through Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia again and Thailand, carrying out a closed circuit with Bangkok as an initial and final point.

During this time I will be narrating my experiences accompanied by (I hope that practical) advice and giving an approximate budget for future travelers who want to embark on a similar adventure. Any questions or suggestions let me know and I will answer as quickly as possible.

Travel preparations

Like any trip this also starts long before the first plane takes off. The preparation, not only of the sites to visit, but of the medications and luggage requirements began weeks before.

First of all you have to take into account the necessary vaccinations To visit the area and the deadlines. It is also necessary to bring a good first aid kit and medical insurance for what may happen.

At the time of prepare luggage It is important to be practical to save space and weight. Keep in mind that once there you can find many things that we normally buy in our home countries at much cheaper prices.

Once everything is ready, it is time to leave. It is not advisable to make very hurried plans upon your arrival, leave a slack for contingencies, to control passports, queues, suitcases and possible delays. It is also important to count on the fact that transport in this area of ​​the world is slow and the cities are chaotic.

Arrival to Bangkok

Once prepared all takeoff to Bangkok (stop in Abu Dhabi). Once the plane landed, with a delay of two hours, my goal is to get the bus ticket to Siem Reap (Cambodia) that passes through the border of Poipet. For this I go to the Mochit station, north of the city, same place where the bus leaves and close to my accommodation tonight.

To get around Bangkok it is useful to share a taxi, the price is very economical and the service is good (with these temperatures the air conditioning is a differential factor). Another option is to use buses or the subway to save journeys by walking under the heat of the day.


Make the most of your time in Thailand to the fullest with any of the following guided tours in Spanish and with very good recommendations from its users:

  1. Chiang Mai excursions
  2. Excursion to the Phi Phi and Khai Islands
  3. Visit and experience in the floating market
  4. Respectful tour of the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary
  5. Ayutthaya excursion with river cruise
  6. Skip the line tickets to Alacazar Cabaret de Pattaya
  7. Angkor Wat temple tour from Bangkok
  8. More excursions in Taiandia

Once in Bangkok the task of search accommodation. It is advisable to have it previously reserved since the city is too big to go looking without a fixed address.

In my case, I have been fortunate to share a room with two other travelers I have met at the airport. Once without the luggage, I bought the ticket to Siem Reap where the spectacular temples of Angkor Wat await me and I have toured the Chatuchak Market.