The best Spanish cheeses of 2017


Moluengo Cheese Tasting Best Cheeses of Spain

Spain is a country of cheese and wine, with vines growing from the Cantabrian Mountains to the Canary Islands, with cheeses that are produced in caves and small towns from Asturias to Tenerife. Finding the best cheeses in Spain is not an easy task, but enviable for those who have to.

As part of the 31 Salon de Gourmets, held in Madrid, the 8th edition of the GourmetQuesos / Integra2 Awards was included, the Championship of the Best Cheeses in Spain.

Traveling from all over Spain to the tables of the “GourmetQuesos, Quesos de Autor” space, cheeses from Andalucía (68), Aragón (13), Asturias (16), Baleares (18), Canary Islands (54), Cantabria (19), were presented Castilla La Mancha (101), Castilla y León (125), Catalonia (19), Valencian Community (16), Extremadura (48), Galicia (20), La Rioja (6), Madrid (11), Murcia (10) , Navarra (12) and Basque Country (49) here the complete list in .pdf.

A jury of experts applied to the task of choosing between 605 cheeses which were the best 3 in 15 categories. In addition, among those 45 finalist cheeses, one of them would have the privilege of being the best cheese in Spain for gourmet.

Cabrales Teyedu Tasting Best Cheeses in Spain

These were the finalists of each category:

Category 1: Young Cow

1. Sto. André young PDO Cebreiro, Carlos Reija Fernández, Lugo

2. Garmillas tender, Cheese Las Garmillas, Cantabria

3. Son live Semi-mature PDO Mahón Menorca Artesano, Son live, Menorca

Category 2: Cured Cow

1. Son F. Quintana Cured PDO Mahón Menorca craftsman, Son F. Quintana, Menorca

2. Subaida cured PDO Mahón Menorca artisan, Subaida, Menorca

3. DOP Networks Casín, Quesería Redes, Asturias

Category 3: Young Goat

1. Maxorata Young PDO Majorero, Livestock Group Fuerteventura, Fuerteventura

2. Celestina goat, Corcuera Cheese, Toledo

3. Blancafort, Ramaders de Cabres Lleteres del Bergueda, Barcelona

Category 4: Cured Goat

1. Cured Maxorata PDO Majorero, Grupo Ganaderos Fuerteventura, Fuerteventura

2. Pajonales Bolaños curated, Manuel Hernández Bolaños, Gran Canaria

3. Finca Uga Paprika, Finca Uga, Lanzarote

Category 5: Mix

1. The Pastora de Grazalema curated, La Pastora de Grazalema, Cádiz

2. Castrocastillo, Dairy Seven Lobas, lion

3. Cured Payoyo mix, Payoyo Cheeses, Cádiz

Category 6: Soft paste

1. Goat rodonet, Formatges Artefor, Barcelona

2. Kisses of King Silo, King Silo, Asturias

3. Terra, Airas Moniz, Lugo

Category 7: Semi sheep

1. Remiro PDO Idiazabal, Quesería Remiro, Navarra

2. Laurus semi-cured, Laurus Handmade Cheese Factory, Zamora

3. Gazpio PDO Idiazabal, José Inazio Ugartemendia, Guipuzcoa

Tasting Best Cheeses of Spain