Program of the Carnival of Tenerife 2019, the second most important Carnival in the World.


Only the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro can shade the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

And is that the Carnival of Tenerife was declared Festival of International Tourist Interest in 1980 And nowadays, aspires to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Few arguments would have this international organization to deny this appointment to the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, taking into account that it has milestones such as the guinness record of people attending a concert in an open-air public square, when Cuban singer Celia Cruz gave , in 1987 and with the orchestra of Billo's Caracas Boys, a recital attended by about 25 people.

The Carnival of Tenerife is music, murgas, parades, queens, costumes and, of course, tons and tons of good vibes, joy, party and scatter.

Since 1987, there is a general theme in each edition of the Carnival of Tenerife. That inaugural year was Rome and this year 2019 the theme is “the sea depths”.

To know a little more about him, I summarize his story a bit.

Origins of the Carnival of Tenerife

Already in the year 1605, Gaspar Luis Hidalgo, chronicler of the time, mentioned the custom of investing the sexes through costumes. Although the first written references date from the eighteenth century, perhaps these festivals narrated by Don Gaspar can be considered as the archaic principle of the Carnival of Tenerife.

After several evolutions, the first poster of the Carnival of Tenerife would come out in the 1962 edition, and since then it has followed the tradition uninterruptedly.

Main acts and stages of the Carnival of Tenerife

The main stages of the various competitions and events of the Carnival of Tenerife (as the mythical election of the Carnival Queen), which They have been alternating throughout recent history.

The Guimerá Theater He was the protagonist until the 1985 edition. Then it would be the turn of the Bullring of Tenerife (years 1986; 1987 and 1988) and the Spain Square (until 2005). The witness would then go to Tenerife International Fairs and Congress Center and the esplanade of car parks of the César Manrique Maritime Park (2008).

Today, the more than 2 tickets for the different events (especially the Murgas Adultas Final and the Queen's Election Gala) are sold completely in less than an hour since they go on sale.

Those two acts they are the most important of the Carnival of Tenerife.

The Queen's Gala, a show with a stage that crowns the first lady of the parties and where the award-winning groups perform, is broadcast every year by a national network for the entire country and broadcast via satellite to all continents. Come on, almost like a Barcelona vs Madrid.

And is that the Carnival of Tenerife has a lot of pull around the world.

Tenerife Carnival Program 2019


  • Friday, February 22:8.30 pm The Song of Laughter. Guimerá Theater
  • Saturday, February 23: 20 hours: Comparsas Contest. International Fairs and Congress Center
  • Sunday, February 24: 11 and 17 hours: Rondallas Festival and Costume Contest. Tenerife Auditorium and Plaza de La Candelaria.
  • Tuesday, February 26:8.30 pm: Concert of the Lyric Musical Group Los Fregolinos. Guimerá Theater.
  • Wednesday, February 27: 9.30 pm Queen's Election Gala. International Center of Fairs and Congresses.
  • Thursday, February 28:8.30 pm La Zarzuela Festival. Guimerá Theater


  • Friday, March 1: 20 hours. Announcing Cavalcade Belgium Avenue
  • Saturday, March 2: 21 hours: Rhythm and Harmony. Francisco La Roche Avenue
  • Sunday March 3: 11 hours. Performance of the Los Lregico Musical Lyric Group. Costume contest. Carnival by Day. Performance of the Afilarmónica Ni fú - Ni Fa. Location: Prince's Square
  • Monday March 4: Dances in the street
  • Tuesday, March 5:11 hours: Performance of the Afilarmónica Ni fú - Ni fa. Lyric musical group Los Fregolinos. 16 hours: Coso apotheosis. Francisco La Roche and Maritime avenues
  • Wednesday, March 6: 22 hours: Burial of La Sardina. John Paul II
  • Thursday, March 7: 8.30 pm: Rondallas Festival. Guimerá Theater
  • Friday March 8: 18 hours. Children's cost. García Sanabria Park. 20 hours: Winners Festival. Candelaria Square
  • Saturday of Piñata March 9: 13 hours: Carnival by day. Prince's Square, Plaza España and Plaza de la Candelaria.
  • Piñata Sunday March 10: 11 hours. Performance of the Afilarmónica Ni fú - Ni Fa and La Zarzuela. Prince's Square 21 hours. End of Party Pyrotechnic exhibition.