The most beautiful women in the world are in Brazil


The SkyScanner flight search engine has conducted a survey among its followers to know where they are on the planet the most beautiful women in the world. The survey provided the 34 countries that have ever won the title of Miss Universe during the period this contest has been conducted. With 12% of the votes Brazil He has won the prize.

1. Brazil
2. Sweden
3. India
4. Poland
5. United Kingdom
6. Venezuela
7. Russia
8. Czech Republic
9. United States
10. Holland

- Vietnam
- Latvia
- Holland
- Lithuania
- Syria (although little meat is seen, the big eyes that can be seen are impressive)
- Italy
- Spain
- Denmark

I find myself unable to put them in order. Each has women with a particular beauty difficult to compare with others and, I am sure, that making a new visit to those countries could change the order continuously. If I tried to make a ranking seriously I think it would end up half crazy ...

And according to you, where do you think the most beautiful women in the world are?