The best things to do and see in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires's Obelisk

I recently wrote an article in which I told you in which cities I would like to live a season. Those who had captivated me enough to make a stop along the way and settle in them for a few months, years ... I don't know. Buenos Aires had a meritorious silver medal in that list.

I traveled to Buenos Aires in 2004, 2009 and 2011. In 2009 I rented a apartment (as they call the apartments there) in the Palermo neighborhood for about 3 weeks.

Those three weeks I lived as a half-porteño porteño (preppy). He wandered around the city, drank something on the terraces when the scorching heat gave a break, went out to party, asked for deliveries (in Buenos Aires everyone asks for food at home), went to the markets, tango shows, football ... I was breathing the melancholy of a city that always looked at Europe and seems to be halfway between Madrid and Paris. A city with an overwhelming personality, to which to sing and write great songs and poetry.

Buenos Aires, like Argentina, love.

So that you also fall into their networks, here is a subjective list of the best things to do and the best places to see in Buenos Aires.

Improvised puppet theater in Defense, San Telmo

One of the most charismatic neighborhoods to see in Buenos Aires is that of San Telmo.

Its streets distil a decadent and romantic air, with its low houses, its small squares, shops and restaurants that seem to come out of a film set from the 50's of the last century. And to add the touch that was lacking to the image, in the background you hear a music ... at the same time forceful and sensual, imperious and sweet ... It's a tango. If you look out the door of the place where this music comes from, you will see a well-held couple, looking into each other's eyes and moving in unison in that dance halfway between a fight and making love.

San Telmo is tango, but also life, tourists, street performers and antiques. On Sundays a large market is organized around the Dorrego Square.


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Thousands of locals and tourists pass through it. The streets, once calm and sad, are filled with life and color. Pampering, indigenous crafts, books, records, antique pieces of decoration ... And to top it off, put a good meat steak between chest and back in one of the restaurants that populate the alleyways.

Without a doubt, San Telmo is one of the most authentic neighborhoods to visit in Buenos Aires.

2. Recoleta and its cemetery

La Recoleta Cemetery