Bicycle route from Alicante to Santa Pola


At a time when running - along with that pseudo-tennis they call paddle tennis - seems to have become the sport par excellence in Spain, it has given me go out by bicycle. Nor at a pro level, much less, but I do use it to move around the city (I sold the car a few years ago) and make trips to places on the beautiful Alicante coast and the mountains of the interior.

A few weeks ago I decided to go for the first time from Alicante to Santa Pola.

Santa Pola

Bike route

Santa Pola is a town coastal of the province of Alicante It belongs to the municipality of Elche. During much of the year, he slept during the week to wake up some weekend in which the good weather attracts the ilicitanos, many of whom have their second residence on the beach of Santa Pola.

The main attractions of Santa Pola are its Salinas, the fishing port, the Roman ruins of El Palmeral and the beaches on which the blue flags awarded by the European Union fly to the highest quality of the continent.

Also, you can't leave Santa Pola without put a good little chest between your chest and back. The most traditional are the band and the black, made with squid ink. The fish are also of very good quality.

But to be able to enjoy all this, before I had to pedal about 23 km from Alicante.

Although the road distance (N-332) between Alicante and Santa Pola does not exceed 20 km, the route I made went up to 50 km round trip.

The reasons why I did not take the straightest path are simple: the coastal landscape is much prettier; with the last attacks on cyclists that we are seeing these days in the news, I want to go down national roads; And finally, they were in no hurry and wanted to do as much exercise as possible.

Departure from Alicante

Tabarca Island from the top of Gran Alacant

The day was splendid. Ceiling and a light breeze that turned into a light wind as you approached the beach. It was hot, but nothing to do with those suffocating days of the summer of Alicante that make you not want to move from the shadow.

Leaving from the center of Alicante, I went down Paseo de Soto to the beautiful Parque de Canalejas - the oldest park in Alicante - and turned right to take the N-332, direction Elche.

This is a stretch that you should be careful with.. Although it is an urban road and drivers can not exceed 50 km / h, the existence of two lanes in each direction and a long straight, makes people spend a little of that. In addition, the shoulder is almost non-existent.

First beaches: Urbanova

Civil War bunker between Gran Alacant and Santa Pola