The best of Venice



1. The Italians

Undoubtedly, Italians take number one in my ranking on the best of Venice.

What a charm of people! Well, I have to admit that I am an admirer of Italian personality. Ready and friendly, as my godfather has always described them since I have memory use.

In Venice they shine all their splendor.

Those gondoliers singing along the canals with their usual sympathy. Those gondoliers charging tourists what has no name for a ride between O sole of mine goes O sole of mine comes. The Italians. Authentic masters of charm.

A city without cars

2. The city

I said it at the beginning. As much as you have read and heard about Venice it is not comparable to what it feels like when you arrive in the city and observe the pure reality in situ.

The roads are made of water! I have to say that I have passed through many places in the world that for some reason or another have caught my attention. Rio de Janeiro, Iquitos, Ushuaia, Bangkok, Taupo, Nimbin ... But none left me speechless as Venice did.

I walked around the city like a child with new shoes. The peculiarity of Venice seemed unique and unmatched.

The gondoliers of Venice

3. There are no cars

There are taxis, there are motorized police, construction workers circulating around the city transporting their material ... But there are no cars.

Everyone circulates in boats, boats, gondolas, or on foot. Of course, roads are the canals. No choice.

It caught my attention not to see motorcycles in the streets where people walk on foot. No bicycles Will they be banned? I do not know.

4. The food

I don't think I discover anything new here either.

Not long ago I was talking with a French girl and an Italian girl remembering my adventure from Barcelona to Dublin by car.

One of the most pleasant memories I have of that experience is how well one eats anywhere in France. During the conversation I dared to catalog French cuisine as, perhaps, the best in the world. The Italian girl is almost thrown into the jugular.

And reason, probably, is not lacking. We could spend hours talking about pizzas, spaghetti, carbonaras and risottos, but I will only make a special mention to these little beings who take advantage of any occasion to brighten anyone's life: ice cream.

Without a doubt, and otherwise nobody can convince me, the best ice cream in the world are in Italy.

A house with sea views

5. The myth

Walking through the streets of Venice could not help imagining the carnival parties that took place some centuries ago.

Artists and writers have filled pages and pages of myths and legends concerning this mysterious city. And is not for less. Venice would inspire even the most stubborn of imaginations.

A different city A special city

Anyway, if you've been to this unique city in the world, maybe you'll agree on my list of the best of Venice.

If I have left something or you disagree, do not hesitate to share your opinions with us.

And if you still don't know Venice, I strongly encourage you to remedy it as soon as you can.