Work and travel: how to finance yourself during your travels


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to meet the Belgian adventurer, Ricardo Thys. This great man left everything in April 2015 and began a route that should take him around the world without using oil-fed transports. Your feet, the bike and some sailing boat will be your travel companions.

During the dinners and meals we shared together we had the opportunity to talk about many things. Among them, we touched on the theme of financing. If he had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcompleting his tour in about 7 years, how much had he budgeted to spend? Ricardo told me that he had a daily budget of 5 euros and, seeing my surprised face, he went on to explain to me how he did it.

My Belgian friend, during the route, is working on farms and houses in exchange for accommodation and food. To find these places use a couple of pages that put supply and demand in contact. But there are other means. Here I leave you some tricks to travel and work at the same time and that on your return you have not left a fortune.

Work on organic farms

Work on a farm

The World Wide Organization of Organic Farms (WWOOF) offers the possibility of exchanging work on organic farms, distributed almost everywhere in the world, for lodging and food. You stay with families in the area, and you can also learn how local people live.

It is one of the websites that Ricardo told me and you can take advantage of it, as he did, to learn new jobs such as repairing windows and stairs, making bread, cheese and honey, or taking care of horses and cattle.


I already told you in some articles that I wrote a few years ago this way to earn enough money while traveling. The idea suggested it to me Greg, another Belgian (what will these Belgians have?) Hitchhiker I picked up on the roads of New Zealand 5 years ago

Working reforesting trees is a very lucrative business in several countries (Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, United States and Canada). You can stop for a few months, make the season and save a good amount (you hardly have any costs) to continue traveling as long as you like.

The Tree planting jobs page is one of the most used to search for this type of work.

Work in a hostel

This type of traveling work will only serve those who want to stop along the way. You will have to stay several weeks in the place to be hired in one of the hostels.

It is a good way to know well a place where you are comfortable at zero cost. In addition, you will meet new travelers that may influence your route.

Au pair and home care

This is an option widely used by young people who are going to learn a language abroad. Caring for children in exchange for accommodation, support and, sometimes, a small salary is something that is very popular among young Spaniards in the United Kingdom, the United States and Ireland.

One of the most used websites is Aupairworld