4 cities you shouldn't miss if you travel to the US


New York Top of The Rock (c) Avistu

If this summer you are thinking of a getaway outside Europe - and you are one of those people who run away from the beach and prefer more urban environments - consider the United States as a destination that has it all. Even beach, if you change your mind and go to Florida, on the East Coast, or California, on the West Coast.

As we usually go on a trip with the watch on my heels, here are the ones that are in my opinion, the Four cities you shouldn't miss on a trip to the United States (Be careful, I don't want you to see them all on the same trip) and some small basic recommendations.


I love New York so much that I would have an “I Love NY” shirt if it wasn't a gesture hipster. OR retrovintage. Everybody We have already been to New York through the cinema and it is on the big screen where we have also seen it destroyed by aliens, devastated by nuclear explosions and tsunamis and turned into a gigantic amusement park for huge monkeys, mutant lizards and monsters from the depths.

None of the above is likely to happen when you visit New York (the only strange thing I saw was that the Empire State building was dyed a green light, but it was St. Patrick and that explains many things). I recommend a walk through Central Park, a sunset watching Manhattan from the other side, in the park next to the bridge with its name and a sunset atop the top of the rock, the observatory with privileged views over the city.

Washington, D.C.

Are there any interesting things to see in the political capital of the most powerful country on Earth? Yes, and they are not related to the intellectual capacity of the middle elected representative (in that or any other country).

The mall It is the extension of the park that covers from the US Capitol at one end (it can be visited on a tour by reservation) until the iconic Lincoln Memorial in the other one. In the middle, the huge obelisk that is a tribute to George Washington, one of the parents of the country. The most discreet and solemn tribute is made to those who fell in the Vietnam War, where the names of all those killed in that conflict are inscribed, as if it were a black wound that springs from the earth.

If you travel with children (or you are a restless adult), do not forget to go through the National Museum of Aviation and Space, one of several that the Smithsonian academic institution has in the center of the capital city. I loved the collection of artifacts - almost all original ones - ranging from the fragile first steps in wood and fabric structures to the no less fragile (if one thinks about it) space vehicles.

By the way, when I traveled from New York to Washington I did it by bus but another option is more or more common is the rental of cars, the rent a car uses mainly taking into account (although not in this case) the enormity - and interest - of the road routes.

Smithsonian Washington Museum (c) Avistu

Las Vegas

"What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas." The city of neon lights, casinos and slot machines is described as well as the mecca of hedonism. Being located halfway between the Grand Canyon and Yosemite Park does not change the unquestionable fact of being an oasis in the desert, a place of excess and one of those places, such as Ibiza, to which you have to go at least once in the life.

San Francisco

Alcatraz, the bridge over the bay or its famous steep streets are the three main icons of the most legal and socially permissive city with those that are not heterosexual. One of the most common sounds in the streets of San Francisco is that of the trams, rather than a means of transportation, a tourist attraction In herself.

As I have no children (yet) or girlfriend (yet), there is a fifth city that I have omitted from the list but could be: Miami. I know what I said about the beach at the beginning of the post, but Orlando is very close to the state capital, where it is the magical kingdom of the original DisneyWorld, with its original Mickey, Minnie and Plutos, its EPCOT (the world of tomorrow), its princely castle and lots of attractions for the little ones in the house to feel in paradise. And some adults, too.